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Looking for space? Looking for crowds? Swarm let's you know where others are and helps you stay safe.

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Community Safety

At a time when crowds are a danger, the Swarm provides our community with a way to see where those crowds are forming (where swarms are forming) and it provides an opportunity to visit those social spaces at less busy times. Is the park busy? Is the supermarket looking busy? What about down in town? Swarm provides a people density heat map and then by incorporation data such as regional active COVID-19 risk and other factors, it becomes a social distancing risk map.

Connecting through Korero

In a less Covid-19 rich environment, there are times when you want to know when others are and you would like to be in a busy place. Social connection is important for wellbeing and community health. Sometimes you want to be with the swarm (when Covid-19 isn’t a factor). This application brings a sense of community by connecting you with others in the area. Even anonymously, it can be good to feel as though you aren’t alone; Swarm does this for you.

Future Issues and How to Deal with them

Along with identifying areas of high population density, when this is risky such as at the moment, one can also find community in a time of crisis, such as an earthquake or a tsunami. With the application installed, a tsunami warning test could be run that would enable emergency response planners to see where people actually go and how they really respond. In real crisis events the Swarm would enable emergency services to see displaced people and/or use the database to find those trapped by debris.